Examples of Quantitative Market Research

Posted on 3rd January 2015 at 4:10pm by Carl Reader in Business

In my mind, quantitative data is inherently valuable as it can be verified, and is not subject to personal bias in any way. The problem with obtaining qualitative data is that quite often, the data that you’d like to have is not publicly available, and certainly wouldn’t be shared with potential competitors!

Bearing this limitation in mind, I’ve listed some examples of data that you might look to obtain, split between data which is easy to obtain, and data which is desirable but difficult to obtain.


Examples of publicly available information

Historic financial performance (as published by Companies House)

Footfall outside the premises

Length of trading

Retail pricing


Examples of information that is sometimes available

Number of customers

Number of staff

Square footage of premises (if previously advertised by the managing agent on sale)

Rent payable on premises


Examples of information that is hard to obtain

Conversion rates

Breakdown of financial results

Breakdown of marketing spend and marketing activities

Cost of sales


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