How can a franchisor help me?

Posted on 22nd June 2016 at 4:10pm by Carl Reader in Business

So practically, what kind of things would a typical franchisor do for you? Below is a list of some of the things that I’ve seen in different networks. Please bear in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive, nor does it mean that a franchisor that doesn’t offer each and every service is underperforming! Therefore, this is best used as a general guide to the range of services and support that you can expect from a franchisor:


  • Provide you with initial training on how to ‘do the job’ or ‘sell the goods’

  • Provide you with initial training on how to run a business, including:

  • Marketing training

  • Sales training

  • Financial training

  • Adminsitration training

  • Provide you with ongoing training on new developments and regulatory updates

  • Provide you with soft skills, personal development and management training

  • Provide you with training to help you convert your business to a saleable asset


  • Provide you with a marketing plan for the year ahead

  • Support you with your initial launch

  • Provide you with brand guidelines and templated documents

  • Provide you with a template website

  • Manage the national content on your website

  • Provide you with a social media template and manual

  • Provide you with content for your social media accounts

  • Automate the content distribution on your social media accounts

  • Provide you with template press releases for local distribution

  • Provide you with an outsourced marketing agency for local implementation

  • Provide you with an online resource for ordering pre-designed marketing material

Business Administration

  • Offer a CRM system for you to manage your customer database

  • Offer an EPOS system to manage the administration of your sales receipts

  • Offer a timetable / diary system to manage your time

  • Offer a quotation and invoicing system to make sure that you have the highest chance of being paid

  • Provide you with an accounting system to ensure compliance to HMRC regulations and the operations manual

  • Provide you with a document management system to streamline your workflows

  • Provide you with a sales ledger, or full accounting service, to handle your bookkeeping and accountancy compliance

  • Provide you with a list of approved suppliers

  • Support with staff contracts and employment legislation

  • Support with Health and Safety and other business legislation

Business Improvement

  • Regularly check your actual business performance back to your business and operational plan

  • Compare your marketing activity to your ROI (Return On Investment)

  • Compare your business performance to the rest of the network through benchmarking

  • Compare your operational performance and activities to the rest of the network

  • Identify new products and services that you can offer through the franchise

  • Identify new marketing activities that you can undertake

  • Provide hands on support during difficult times

  • Provide advice and assistance based on their experience of dealing with many other franchisees

Product Development

  • Identify current and future trends in your industry

  • Perform national market research

  • Identify upsell opportunities for their franchisees

  • Identify new markets, products and services for the entire network

  • Ensure that any future threats are identified and avoided early

National Influence

  • Provide you with product suppliers who can offer you preferential terms

  • Provide you with business advisors such as accountants and insurance brokers who know your franchise and can offer preferential terms

  • Influence within any trade associations that exist for your industry

  • Influence within the national press

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