How to use landing pages and email marketing to grow your startup

Posted on 3rd January 2015 at 4:10pm by Carl Reader in Business

Some of the best websites have separately designed landing pages, which are effectively sales letters created for a specific marketing campaign. These will then offer some free information (for example an e-book or a video) in return for the prospects details. This then provides the business with a lead that can be contacted regularly, and a proportion of these will end up becoming paying customers provided that contact is maintained.

Email marketing is a highly effective way of communicating with prospects, and unlike traditional direct mail it comes at virtually no cost. There is however a fine balance that needs to be considered, as an email campaign can very quickly be considered “spam” if it annoys the prospect, is too frequent, or is not requested. You must make sure that you stick to the law surrounding such communications, and offer readers the opportunity to unsubscribe. A safe way of performing email marketing is to use a third party software application such as Mailchimp or Aweber, which would also give you analytics information on how your campaigns are performing.

Any form of marketing fundamentally comes down to conversion rates, and in an email marketing campaign the three rates you need to monitor are the open rates, the click through rates, and the unsubscribe rates. The open rates can be optimised through choosing effective titles for your emails, which grab the readers attention. Providing teaser content, with further content available on the subsequent landing page, often increases click through rates. Finally, unsubscribe rates are ultimately managed by ensuring that your emails provide valuable content for your readers.

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