Managing the application and interview process for your business

Posted on 3rd January 2015 at 4:10pm by Carl Reader in Business

When requesting applications, I would recommend that you have a fixed format for people to apply to you; however choose a format that allows them to demonstrate some creativity or initiative within the application process. A great way of doing this is by requesting an application form (with specific questions that you’d like them to answer), together with a copy of their CV and an application letters.

Some employers even go to the extent of asking for handwritten application letters, so that they can perform handwriting analysis on the letters. I must admit that this isn’t a method that I have any experience of myself!

Once you have selected a shortlist of potential employees from your applicants, it’s time to commence the interview process. This process doesn’t need to simply consist of a face-to-face interview – it may also comprise of psychometric testing, aptitude testing, role play, and group activities. It’s important for you to consider the right balance of recruitment steps so that you can make sure you recruit the right member of staff, whilst being careful not to put them off of applying or continuing the recruitment process.

The best interviews are approached as a level conversation from both sides, with the candidate exploring whether the business is right for them, in addition to the employer deciding whether to offer a role to the candidate.

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