Press Coverage - "Inspirational Tips from the Greatest UK Entrepreneurs"

Posted on 10th May 2016 at 4:10pm by Carl Reader in Business, Press Coverage

4+ Inspirational Tips from the 4 Greatest UK Entrepreneurs

Motivation From the Top

The entrepreneurship path is hard with a lot of hills and downfalls. There is no shortcut to the top. Only the most persistent and smart-working ones can achieve a success.

We have asked a few questions to 4 entrepreneurs who are listed among the best ones in the UK and they shared with us their habits and tips on how to keep on being motivated and successful.

Carl Reader


There’s a vast range of skills to run a successful business, but probably the most important in my opinion is knowing your own weaknesses. By being able to recruit a great team, delegate/outsource where appropriate, and knowing when to seek advice; you will be able to play to your own strengths which will give you the most chance of success.” Says Carl Reader, a passionate accountant who started as a YTS trainee hairdresser when he was 16.

Now, he is the director of chartered accountants and strategic advisors at d&t. Currently he is the first and the only practicing accountant in the UK who achieved the British Franchise Association’s QFP award.

Carl is now cited and regularly featured in the accountancy press thanks to successfully building up and directing his own company. His achievements now let him to be trusted by many others who get inspired by him. He took his experience and thoughts in writing and created a book called The Startup Coach/Franchising Handbook.

Carl’s empowering motto: “I’ve got loads, but they might all sound really cheesy! I think that the ethos that I live by is to have “no regrets”. If you don’t try, you never know…"

Matt Jackson


Maybe this helped Matt to establish and develop his own company Socially-M, which helps to build social media communities and form its relationship opportunities.
Besides working on his own business, Matt has helped 100 companies, enterprises, charities and non-profit organisations to establish foundations for social media strategies. He is also an expert for social media campaigns and branding.

According to Matt, anyone can start a company. “I firmly believe that absolutely anyone can start a business and I don't think that a particular set of skills are required to do so. If you have the determination and confidence to get started, work hard and learn any skills you need along the way, then you'll be up and running in business a lot faster than Most.”

We asked Matt, if he has some empowering motto: “I have a motto for my team at Socially-M (#TeamSociallyM) which is simply;
'Together we achieve more', I'm also fond of the PopUp Business School's motto;
'Make money, do good, have fun'”.

Nicolas Babin


Nicolas, agile and growth hacker and mentor, is the co-founder of The International Gamification Confederation.
He has strong leadership skills with extensive working experience from all over the world. Nicolas focuses on international marketing and communication, and has an experience with IPO on the Nasdaq and on NYSE Euronext in Paris.

What skills does Nicolas think every person who wants to start a business should have?

The main skill one needs the most is entrepreneurship. One needs to feel empowered to start a business, you cannot be scared or feel not strong enough, you need to build your business plan, understand what needs to be done, ensure you can do this or you will find the skills from someone else to do what is needed, Once you have the idea and you understand how the business can be done, then your entrepreneurship skills will do the rest.”

What does Nicolas do when he feels that he is loosing his creativity?

It depends, I could use coaches to challenge me and help me restore my creativity. I also use books such as Lean Startups to help me restore my faith and creativity. By going outside of the building, I learn from potential prospects and I regain my creativity.

Kevin Dixie


To start a business you need a great idea, no fear and the ability to change direction when things go wrong. Today you also need to understand online marketing, social media and how Amazon works.” These words come from Kevin, founder and CEO of Fuelmywebsite. Besides that, he is the co-founder of a Fashion label launched in Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Browns.
He is now passing on his entrepreneurship and marketing experience to tech start-ups, which he is mentor and advisor of.

Kevin’s empowering motto: “Nobody ever said "I wished I worked harder" on their deathbed, enjoy life, sleep well, walk lots and workout 5x a week.”

We were curious of what Kevin does when he feels he is loosing his creativity. “I go to a country club I am a member of, swim a mile, sit in a jacuzzi and steam for 15 mins. Afterwards the head is clear and creativity is restored. This took me a long time to realise.”

A conclusion message by Kevin to all new entrepreneurs: “There are two types of people, those that hate Mondays and travel in 'rush hour' and those that don't. Being a don't is great.

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