Qualitative Questions for Market Research

Posted on 3rd January 2015 at 4:10pm by Carl Reader in Business

Below are some example questions that you may look to answer about your competitors, which focus on qualitative matters:

  1. How well known is the business in the local / industry community?

  2. Does the business interact with the local / industry media?

  3. Does the business partake in socially responsible / charitable activities?

  4. How strong is the brand image of the business?

  5. What colours does the business use throughout it’s corporate branding?

  6. Does the business seem modern or antiquated?

  7. What emotional feelings do you have about the business?

  8. What emotional feelings does the business generate in its customers?

  9. What emotional feelings does the business generate in its staff?

  10. Does the premises seem to be busy or empty?

  11. What types of customer does the business typically attract?

  12. How high do you feel that the staff morale is?

  13. Is the leadership team effectively managing the business?

  14. Does the business seem to be innovative?

  15. Does the business feel like it’s growing or stagnating?

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