Tech disruption and future-proofing your business

Posted on 30th April 2018 at 12:55pm by Carl Reader in Business

The pace of change in technology, and the knock on effect to the workplace, seems to be constantly accelerating. The move from pen and paper to typewriter, to a computer room was far slower than the progression from laptop to Blackberry to iPad and beyond.

It's created a real challenge for today's leaders, who sometimes don't feel comfortable with the changes, and even if they do they tend to have team members who aren't, simply because it's human nature to resist change. Over the next few years, we have the very real possibility of AI, autonomous vehicles, and even "burger flipping" machines wiping out swathes of our workforce; and the opportunities of new jobs being created that we probably couldn't even imagine - all whilst we are fending off the new risks related to cybersecurity.

To use this opportunity to their advantage, business leaders ideally need to prepare a SWOT analysis and be very mindful of the threats, but not be consumed by them, and then focus intelligently on their opportunities. A word of caution would be to not innovate for the sake of innovation, and to apply the right proportion of attention to sustaining innovation, rather than trying to "win big" on breakthrough and disruptive innovation.

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