The Answer: Business is really simple...

Posted on 7th January 2016 at 4:10pm by Carl Reader in Business, Random Musings

I've been pondering for a little while. What makes the difference in business? What is "the answer" that most business owners are looking for?

As far as I can see, there's four elements that will provide the answer, and it comes back to the basics of running a business.

To have a successful business, you need to:

Dream - whether it's imagining new services, new revenue lines, ways around problems... You need to think outside the box and demolish any limiting beliefs.

Plan - the big picture has to be chunked down into actionable steps. Not only actionable steps, but project planned with responsibilities, accountabilities and deadlines.

Do - I don't need to harp on about this. Execution is the key

Review - how was it for you?

Seems simple doesn't it? I did promise that in the title. But if you look honestly at any business that is not as successful as it should be, there is a failing in one of these four areas. They are not one off tasks either - this should be a cyclical process throughout the life of the business.

Remember: dream - plan - do - review 

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