Using Offline Marketing in 2015 and beyond!

Posted on 3rd January 2015 at 4:10pm by Carl Reader in Business

Much is written about online marketing, however unless you have an unlimited budget for search engine advertisements, you will still want to attract customers to your website or social media platforms through traditional marketing methods. An interesting development in offline marketing is that businesses now tend to direct customers to a specific email address or website, rather than to a phone number.

Some of the more popular methods of offline marketing are as follows:

  • Direct Mail – in the online world, direct mail shots are becoming a rarity due to their cost, and as such the success rates have increased now that there is little competition in the mail!

  • Telemarketing – calling prospects to open the conversation is a good way to start a business relationship if you can add value within the first few sentences; however you must be aware of the Telephone Preference Service (

  • Networking – meeting people face to face is a great way of building relationships, which in turn can lead to them (or their contacts) becoming prospective customers. Make sure that you don’t commit the cardinal sin of selling at people!

  • Leaflet drops – posting leaflets through peoples doors can work, but be careful about who you choose to do it – some agencies deliver batches of leaflets, meaning that your message is often discarded with 10 other leaflets. Try something innovative, maybe a post-it note on the letterbox?

  • Advertisements – adverts in local press and magazines are a great brand builder, provided that you are in a position to risk paying money solely for brand building.

  • Referrals – customer referrals are the best possible form of marketing, as your customer will actively sell your service, leaving you to simply take the order! To generate referrals, you will need a systemised approach, and of course you will need to truly provide great service to all of your customers.

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