The word 'influencer' brings so many bad connotations with it. It makes us think of TOWIE or Love Island, hopping from protein shakes to pizza in 2 Instagram posts.

Influencers don't work for b2b propositions. I do.

I've worked alongside selected partners to help them communicate their message to the small business market. For example, I worked with a US $75bn corporate to help them reach a targetted section of the market, through the use of broadcast media and written communications. I've also helped a JPY ¥578bn corporate through social media amplification and the use of my personal brand.

I'm no "insta babe", but I have the eyes and ears of current and future business owners.

There are a few rules that I always stick to:

1. I must be a customer of your brand before recommending it to others. I won't do it on the receipt of a 'freebie' - instead, I will only work with a brand for whom I'm prepared to put my hand in my own pocket for.

2. I must truly believe in your product or service. That goes without saying.

3. If I'm working with one of your competitors, I can't work with you. It's not right. I'll let you know straight away if this is the case, so that I don't waste your time.

4. We need to be a natural fit. I'm not everyones cup of tea, and you probably aren't either. If we hit it off, and can create some cool stuff together, then let's go!

I have no fixed way of working with brands, but will work with you to create something that can help build and maintain your presence in the small business market. Whether it's social media amplification, content creation, community engagement, display advertising, broadcast advertising, media commentary or something else, we can create some magic together. Let's see what we can do.

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