There are very few voices in the media representing small businesses. The newspapers tend to focus on personal finance, careers or big business. Business owners who are featured only know what they know from their own business.

I come at it from a different angle.

Having advised thousands of businesses, and being an entrepreneur myself, I've nailed the CV. I've started, invested in, bought and sold businesses. I've had successes, failures, and everything in between. I've been on both sides of the table - and have seen it all too many times as an advisor as well.

If you need a commentator to provide an expert view, or someone to bring your data to life, I can do it. If it's words that you need, I just need a broad word count and deadline. If it's for broadcast, I can speak in plain English and answer the questions.

I tend to comment or write about small business matters, trends in business, and lessons that can be learned. I do this because it's stuff I wish that I'd seen before I'd made mistakes myself!


I've appeared in pretty much every national newspaper, on most main radio stations, and on most terrestial TV channels (remember the days of 4 channels?).

What's more, if I'm on TV, I'll even bring my own mattifying powder...

If I can help bring your content, written or broadcast, to life, let me know.