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One of the things I always say is that business is no longer b2b or b2c - it's h2h (human to human).

So, here's a little about me and my life!

I'm truly blessed to be married to Sarah - my soulmate, my wife and my chief organiser - and to have five wonderful kids - Jordan, Lauren, Daisy, Charlie and Carl Junior (known as Junior). Whilst my businesses are based elsewhere, I tend to be found in London or in a coffee shop somewhere, working away on my phone.

I like to always have something to do which can help give back in some way. I serve as an ad-hoc pro bono consultant for The Trussell Trust, a national chain of foodbanks, and have worked with the JP Morgan Foundation and Buttle to help alleviate poverty.

I also serve as Vice Chairman of Hungerford Town Football Club, a National League South team which is punching well above it's weight. The club has previously been reliant on benefactors, and my aim in taking over the running of the club is to reduce this reliance, make it sustainable, and to convert the club to a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, so that it can continue to be an asset owned by the community, not by any individual. I'm proud to have found a place that I can now call home, and it's great that I can give back through a sport that I love.

I have a few personal vices that I probably should share - they always make good talking points on social media! I have a ridiculous collection of trainers, fragrances, scarves, Stone Island jackets, and baseball caps. I follow really bad football teams (Hungerford and my home town team Southend United), and for some reason I love collecting decks of playing cards, dodgy tattoos, and drinking more espresso than I can handle. I wish I knew why I do - answers on a postcard! 

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