press kit - who is carl

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I left school at 15 to start as an apprentice hairdresser. As you can imagine, that didn't go too well... After returning to school to get his GCSE's, Ihad to get a job, and fell into accountancy by accident. The rest is history.

What do I do now?

I focus on helping people understand that they can be their own boss, by providing them with motivation, education and inspiration. I also help those who are already in business, and those who wish to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in their career. More details are on the 'what I do' page, but here is a summary:

Speaking: I speak to audiences typically between 100 - 5,000 attendees. I weave personal stories and anecdotes alongside my opinions and predictions to help motivate and inspire audiences globally. These audiences can consist of either business owners, or employees.

Writing: I write my books (published by Hodder and Kogan Page), columns for the national media, and provide expert contributions for other writers. I typically write about small business skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset. I also produce specialist content for the accounting and franchising industries.

Other Content: I produce videos, podcasts, and frequently share my thoughts to over 150,000 followers on social media. I also frequently appear as a commentator on both national radio and TV.

Businesses: I serve as Joint Chairman for the d&t group, and act in an ambassadorial role for Practice Ignition. I also serve in some non executive and ambassadorial roles for not for profit organisations.

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