Most business writing is full of jargon. In fact, it's written to make the author sound intellegent and expensive. I see my role a little differently.

Making business simple.

That's it! Whether I'm knocking together 600 words for an article, or 60,000 for a book, my job is to translate complex ideas and opinions into plain English. I tend to write for those who are thinking of starting a business, or who are already running a business. 

I've written two business books so far. The Startup Coach and The Franchising Handbook were both published by Hodder, part of Hachette (the worlds second largest publisher). I've completed the manuscript for my third book, Boss It, and have plenty more in the pipeline. My books are always aimed at people who wouldn't normally read business books.

As for articles and columns, the kind of things that I usually write are:

  • Small business explainers: for example, how businesses can manage their cashflow, simple ways to attract new customers, or how to start a business;

  • Thought leadership: these will be based on my own experiences, and will provide the reader with food for thought; and

  • Opinion pieces: these will be my views on things such as upcoming legislation, changes that affect businesses, or the results of surveys

I've written for many of our national newspapers. I've had columns in the Express, i Paper, The Sun and the Daily Mirror. I've also been quoted in many more - in fact, I think I've appeared in every national UK newspaper other than the Sunday Sport! Combined with my experience of writing for trade journals, b2b websites and business magazines, I can safely say that I have a few miles under my belt.

If you'd like me to create some great content for your audience that can educate and inspire them whilst remaining understandable, give me a shout