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what i do.

what i do.


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who i am.

I am someone who was always taught that business isn't for "people like me". I was just an ordinary boy - not born with a silver spoon - and the world of business seemed like it was exclusively for the rich and wealthy. When I studied Business Studies at GCSE, it seemed like it was only focused on the biggest of businesses. And when I entered the workplace, it seemed so complicated.

Probably, because most people in business have a vested interest in making things seem complicated!


So, I see my mission as being fairly simple. I take what may seem like complicated ideas and translate them so that an eight year old can understand them. I share this through my books, my articles, on stage, and through broadcast media - in plain English. It's the natural thing to do, as it's just what I did for years whilst advising other businesses. 


I know that business isn't complicated, because I've been there and done it myself. 

You'll find a lot more about the stuff that I do by clicking the buttons above, but that doesn't tell you the whole story of what I stand for and why I do what I do. 

Looking back, despite the best efforts of the academic system, it was clear to me that business is simple, from an early age. Whether I was washing cars, or buying bottles of lemonade to sell on, the process of selling something for money wasn't difficult. The challenge was actually more about having the energy and persistence to continue - and making sure that I always applied common sense.

I'm someone who truly believes that business isn't complicated. It's hard work, but it's not complicated.

For example, I know that there are five key elements of scaling a business. I know that there are four things that are essential for any business owner to make sure that they keep doing, to avoid failure. I've learned the tricks of the trade from my own experiences, and from advising others. I'm honoured to now have the chance to share them.

For more about my business and personal life, please click the relevant tiles above.

who i am.

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