The Franchising Handbook

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Most small business books focus on what it takes to start a small business, and not what it takes to start a franchise. The world of franchising has its own nuances, and advice that works for 99% of start-ups would not apply to franchising. In fact, well-meaning advice can often be detrimental to potential franchisees.

Carl’s second book is book is focused on making sure that potential franchisees are aware of the specific journey ahead of them. As franchising is a two-way business arrangement, it includes exactly what franchisors are looking for, what can or cannot be negotiated with a franchisor, and how best to present yourself.

The Startup Coach

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Most books just tell you WHAT to do. The Startup Coach guides you every step of the way.

Carl has advised thousands of businesses, and seen the good, bad and ugly of starting up. Through this rich collection of information and coach sessions, Carl helps you take your idea from a concept through to a successful start up – and beyond.

By the end of this book, you will have started your own business. This handy guide will help you to:

- Evaluate yourself and your ideas
- Assemble your research and your team
- Raise the finances you need
- Manage and market your business
- Make a profit and stay sane!

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Thousands of people are deciding to ditch the day job and do their own thing. The problem is that business is scary. Experts just want to prove how clever they are, and everyone is out to make a quick buck.

Carl is currently working on his third book, which will demystify the business world, and allow you to Be Your Own Boss.