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Coming in 2024, Carl's upcoming book is an essential read for anyone looking to improve themselves and achieve their personal goals.
Carl's writing journey has been unique. He wasn't a natural writer - in fact, when he returned to school after leaving at 15, he just about scraped a D in GCSE English.

However, he has since been published three times, and his latest book BOSS IT was in the WH Smith charts for eight months. It was recognised as a winner of the Independent Press Awards and as highly commended at the Business Book Awards. His books have been translated into several languages, and are sold globally.

But most importantly, his books change lives. 

At events where Carl was making an appearance, he was often told about how BOSS IT had transformed an attendees thinking, far beyond the intended guidance on 'how to run a business'.

The messages in his books were far more impactful than he ever realised, and Carl is now on a mission to help his readers achieve more in their lives, regardless of whether they want to own a business or not.


Praise for BOSS IT:

"I've just loved reading this book. Carl Reader takes a sharp pin to pop the many myths of what it takes to set up, run and scale a business. His lived experience of 'walking the walk' of setting up and running businesses burns throughout all the chapters, as does his passion for creating a business guide for the next generation." ― Sharon Davies, CEO, Young Enterprise "Carl Reader is the guru of self-employment and this is a fantastic guide for anyone seeking to be their own boss. Whether you are looking for advice on funding, IT or building a customer base, this book has it covered." ― Elizabeth Anderson, Money and Business Editor, i newspaper "It is rare to find a book that is inspiring, pragmatic, realistic and optimistic about starting out on your own and growing your own business. Carl Reader has written a business-advice book that is well-contextualized for this time, with wider learnings to support entrepreneurs. Here are practical insights into innovation, as well as aspirational business advice and worksheets to progress thinking into action. Carl explains key business knowledge and motivates the reader to move their idea forward. The Five Stars model is something I'll be using and encouraging others to!" ― Siân Prime, Academic Lead (Enterprise), Goldsmiths, University of London "Carl Reader has truly captured that the future of work is being rewritten. These COVID times will lead to the growth of the gig economy and there is a place for all skills, but we need to know how to capitalize our best skills to find our way forward. In this book, Carl has shared very useful business-centric tips and a hands-on approach to becoming a small business owner. Boss It will truly give you very apt learning lessons for starting your business dreams." ― Ritu Marya, Editor-in-chief, Entrepreneur magazine (APAC and India) "Boss It is an invaluable guide to the seemingly elusive 'it' factor about self-employment. From 'dreaming it' to 'doing it', Carl Reader demystifies how to BOSS IT with confidence and clarity. This book offers the next generation an opportunity to reimagine their future working lives when it is needed now more than ever. And Carl's advice also serves as a nudge to those pondering whether to take the plunge to become their own boss. This is an important, honest and inspirational guide to make dreams a reality." ― Claire Bennison, Head, ACCA UK (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) "Whether you're already running your own business and need some help focusing on what's important or you're just about to embark on your first venture, you need to read this book. Carl Reader is incredibly knowledgeable about every facet of growing a robust and resilient company: every base is covered. Most importantly, for me, this isn't some romantic glamorous account of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, it's a real, gritty, practical handbook for success." ― Rebecca Burn-Callander, former Enterprise Editor, Daily Telegraph "Whether you're starting your first business or building your tenth, you will be more successful by applying Carl Reader's brilliant BOSS IT principles." ― Michael Heppell, Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker and coach "Carl Reader is a passionate and dedicated supporter of entrepreneurs and small businesses. In this book, he takes would-be entrepreneurs through 'the good', but also doesn't shy away from 'the bad and the ugly'. Carl is an affable coach and this guide is incredibly practical, with case studies, templates and exercises, and refreshingly there's no business jargon in sight!" ― Francesca James, Founder, Great British Entrepreneur Awards "Carl Reader's Boss It is a must-read for anyone considering starting or already running their own business. Carl's experience, insight and approachable style combine to captivate and inform far better than most business books I've read. He's honest about the realities and the practicalities, and his approach - Dream it, Plan it, Do it, Scale it - sets it all out for you. Carl's straightforward advice demystifies complex issues and should be a constant reference source for all. Keep it handy and read it often." ― Chris Bryce, former CEO/Chair, IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) "Boss It uniquely addresses the two most important aspects of business ownership - the why and the how. Self-employment and business ownership remain the backbone of the world's economy, yet the concepts remain unimaginable or misunderstood for many. The author demystifies the topics in a way that guides the reader through self-analysis, supported by a pragmatic step-by-step process. The end result is inspiration and action for the motivated reader!" ― Brad D Smith, Executive Chairman, Intuit "Purchasing this book is a no-brainer for anyone in business or thinking of doing their own thing. Carl Reader has walked the walk in his own business and now shares years of experience and motivation in plain English." ― Mike Michalowicz, author, 'Profit First' and 'Fix This Next'

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