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Want to learn more about Carl and his background...?
From leaving school at 15 to start as an apprentice hairdresser, to becoming a WH Smith Bestselling Author, Carl's journey has been full of highs and lows.

By training, Carl learned how to be an accountant by passing the exams. However his true passion came from building his business, and along the way he became a keen observer of what makes people tick, and how they are motivated.

Carl's business journey was unusual. The professions were usually reserved for the middle class, and as someone who left school early with a reassuringly down to earth approach, the door was difficult to open. 

That didn't put Carl off, and not only did he enter this world, but he also bought into his company and scaled it to the point where it was a multi-million turnover, multi-award winning business; which also allowed him to step back from the day to day, and ultimately gave him the opportunity to share his insights globally with audiences on stage, his social media followers, in bookstores and in the press.

Along the way, Carl also managed to get involved with projects that not many people have the opportunity to do - from taking over a football club in the National League South, creating a federated National Governing Body for a sport which then successfully achieved Olympic funding, introducing Business Format Franchising to a country which ultimately led to the formation of their national franchising association, being a pro-bono advisor to the CEO of the largest network of Food Banks in the UK, becoming the face of marketing campaigns for some globally recognised brands, and so much more.

Carl now has a passion in sharing his views and insights far and wide, combining his unique experiences in business with the perspective that can only be gained from life. 

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