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With around 170k social media followers and a strong reputation in the entrepreneurial world, Carl is an ideal person to help you if you are looking to engage the small business community.

He has worked with a number of brands and organisations - from Fortune 500 brands through to UK Government - helping them reach small business audiences through activities such as TV & radio broadcast days, content creation, printed media partnerships and online amplification. 

Carl has a range of business and charitable interests himself, having built his core business to a point that allowed him to step back from the 'day to day' and give back.

If you would like to contact any of his businesses, it is best to contact them directly.
If you would like to contact Carl about working together, please click the button below.

Some of the brands and organisations Carl has worked with:

"What Carl doesn't know about starting or growing a business isn't worth knowing" - Rebecca Burn-Callendar, former Enterprise Editor, Daily Telegraph

"Carl Reader is the guru of self-employment" - Elizabeth Anderson, Money and Business Editor, i Paper

"Carl is a business savvy expert with all the top advice on how to start your business" - Felicity Thistlethwaite, Digital Features Editor,

"Leading business advisor" - Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Daily Express 
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