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If you are looking for someone to take your conference from average to outstanding, Carl is the keynote speaker you need on your agenda.

Trusted by leading organisations with their audiences

As an events organiser, you've probably seen countless speaker websites, lots of highly edited showreels... but are still looking for the one. 

Watch the four minute video to the right, then click the button below for more information and to book Carl.

Joe Woodard,
Scaling New Heights

"Carl presented a main stage session at our recent Scaling New Heights® conference here in the U.S. The audience loved the depth of the content, and I loved the incredible energy Carl brought to the conference. Phenomenal and insightful speaker!"

Here's what attendees and other speaker bookers say:

Working with Carl is dead simple.

First of all, we need to get to know a little about each other. Once you've filled in our enquiry form, we'll jump on a call to find out some more information about the event and what you are looking to achieve. It's really important that we are the right match for each other, and most importantly for your attendees.

Once we've done that, it's time to get creative! 

Carl has over 250 unique stories that he can weave into his keynotes, and as such no two keynotes are the same. He will work with you to design a 'keynote cadence' which is in line with the theme of your conference and the nature of the keynote (usually opening or closing), and to select some suitable anecdotes to include.

He will also explore with you how to make the conference an experience to remember for every single delegate.  Far from being just a voice behind a microphone for 30 minutes, Carl can help curate the entire experience for your delegates with you, from warm up sessions through to actionable results.

Unlike many speakers, including some keynote speakers, Carl doesn't have a set 'toolbox' of presentations to deliver. His belief is that it is rare that an off the shelf keynote can meet the needs of delegates that could live in different countries, work in different industries, and have different motivations.

Instead, Carl will work with you to craft a bespoke session that will inspire and motivate your team.

As a general rule, the kinds of themes that weave throughout Carl's sessions include dealing with difficult times, embracing change, personal growth, and leadership. Carl can also deliver more specific keynotes around personal branding and becoming a 'go to' person.
Now, as an event planner, we know that you'll be understandably nervous about booking a keynote speaker for the first time. What if things go wrong? What if he isn't as good as I've heard?

Well, we can give you some peace of mind.

Carl gets booked and rebooked because of the attention to detail throughout the process. From making sure that the session is just right, to the logistics. Having spoken on stage countless times across the globe, Carl knows that things can go slightly off plan, and he has the experience to make it work, regardless.

From ensuring that sound checks and audio / visual obligations are met, through to bringing spare equipment, Carl makes sure that your keynote slot is in safe hands.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more about how Carl ensures a fantastic experience for you and your delegates. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

>> What are Carl's speaking fees? The fees for having Carl keynote your event are based on a number of factors, including the location of the event, the level of pre and post conference engagement, the number of books purchased for attendees, and the volume of media commitments around the event. For this reason, we simply can't quote an example fee online without knowing more information about your event. >> Would Carl attend a breakout or panel session, or provide a workshop? Regrettably, Carl's core material isn't usually suitable for a breakout session or a workshop. However, if you feel there is an exceptional reason why Carl should attend, please contact us and we will see if it could be a good fit. Similarly, Carl wouldn't normally offer after dinner speaking. >> How do we know if Carl's style will suit our audience? Carl has spoken to audiences globally - accountants in the US, tech startups in Austria and Saudi Arabia, financiers in Luxembourg, franchisors in Dubai, martial artists, sales teams, marketing teams, trade body members, politicians, university students... as you can see, he has worked with a diverse range of audiences and will work with you to ensure that your conference is as successful as possible. >> How big are the typical audiences that Carl speaks to? Typically, Carl speaks to audiences up to thousands of attendees. If your event is very small (a good way of judging this is whether microphones will be needed), feel free to contact us regardless, and if Carl isn't a good fit we may be able to recommend another amazing speaker. >> Can't you just give us a set topic for the session? We have some 'templated' sessions that can be run, but in our experience, almost every conference has unique requirements - whether that is due to the overarching theme, the commercial targets following the conference, or the sentiment leading up to it. Plus of course, different audiences have different ways of learning and absorbing information. If you are really stuck, we will ask some fact finding questions to make some suggestions for you. >> How else can Carl help us with our event? The slot on the day is a small part of Carl's involvement with any event. From helping you to promote the event, through to curating an exclusive delegate experience, Carl will help you make your next event the best yet. Carl is also happy to entertain media interviews, book signings, meet and greet events and VIP events alongside any keynote booking; and these are all able to be included in the speaker contract. >> How do we know that everything will be OK on the day? Firstly, it's important to trust your choice. When you contact Sarah to start the process of enquiring about Carl speaking at your event, you'll see some of the attention to detail. Whilst the questions might seem a burden, they are to ensure that everything is just right on the day.  On the day itself, Carl will make sure that everything is in order, with plans B through to Z in his back pocket! Not only will he attend all of your regular speaker formalities such as tech checks, he will also have a range of technology with him (such as clickers, lapel mics, USB keys with various forms of the presentation, etc) - and worst case, if the power goes down he'll work off a flip chart! Having experienced that, along with his coat being set alight by a stagelight whilst speaking, a broken microphone, overrunning schedules, inconvenient fire alarms and so much more, he knows how to handle all kinds of situations. >> How do we book Carl? Really simple. Fill in this form, speak to Sarah, sign the contracts, and it's done!

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