Carl Reader leather circle


Carl is an international keynote speaker, gifted with the ability to distil and communicate his message clearly. An entertaining, inspiring and enthusiastic speaker on business, marketing and franchising topics, with plenty of first-hand experience to validate the content, Carl is not afraid to say it like he sees it.

Business doesn’t have to be complicated. This belief comes through in Carl’s talks, where he ensures messages are clear and accessible, with real take-home value for any audience.

Carl’s thought-provoking and insightful talks literally change lives. He doesn’t charge speaking fees, asking instead for a donation to Buttle UK, a fantastic charity who give vulnerable children a fighting chance.

Want Carl to speak at your event? Send a quick description of the event and audience.

Carl doesn't believe that a professionally prepared, 2 minute showreel gives a true impression of a speaker. If you would like to see Carl in action, you can either attend one of his events, or alternatively contact us and we will send you a full keynote that Carl has recently delivered. Feel free to jump into any 2 minute section of that video if you are limited for time!

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